Funeral Services

Respectful burials and cremations

Call Deborah Ingham Funeral Service today if you need to arrange a burial or a cremation of a loved one.

Funeral facilities we offer:
  • A range of coffins
  • Provision of viewing facilities
  • Choice of hearse or limousines
  • Provision of flower arrangements
  • We offer memorial accessories
  • Supply of organists, specialist people
  • Both religious or non-religious funerals
  • Choice between cremation or burial, including the interment of ashes if necessary
  • Interface with registrars, crematoriums, churches and graveyards
  • Arrangement of catering facilities after the funeral if needed

We work with you to ensure that every detail is discussed with you thoroughly.

Compliance with regulations

Our practical and sympathetic funeral directors will work hard to ensure that all necessary liasions and deadlines will be met. You will experience the highest standards of service.

Professional and discreet services

We make discreet funeral arrangements and all of our services may not be readily apparent. Funeral arrangements are made by contacting us. We can come to you or you can visit us at one of our offices.

Provide emotional support

We can help you choose the type of funeral services you’ll need, we will be there to offer support both during arrangement and after the service.

Call our funeral directors today on